We'd like to recognize various teams from the challenge who qualified as finalists and received honourable mentions! Further information on these teams can be viewed here. Final presentations from each team that participated in the challenge can be viewed here

DAY 5|March 30

Thank you to all of the participants for an engaging and insightful day of presentations! So much hard work has been accomplished in such a short period of time. 

DAY 4|March 29

A product alone is not an innovation. The product must be supported by an in-depth understanding of an unmet clinical need and strong value propositions to create a convincing story. Today, teams continued to finalize their solution concepts, focusing on closing the loop with their end users.  Expert live sessions ran throughout the day for teams to get primary stakeholder feedback on their solutions and their implementation plans. Supported by technical experts in mechanical design, materials, and web design (to name a few), teams prototyped CAD models, machine learning algorithms, and user interfaces addressing needs for frontline workers, patients, families, and community members. It is crunch time, and teams are putting in their all to make a difference.

DAY 3|March 28

Day 3 complete! Teams are in full hack mode, exhaustively brainstorming solutions after learning the process in a Building Solution Concepts, Design Specs, and Prototyping lecture. Office hours held by Dr. Yazdi and Innovation Mentors are also in full swing - teams are getting one-on-one guidance in their zoom rooms throughout the entire day. At the same time, teams are continuing to attend live Q&A sessions with experts, asking solution specific questions and getting guidance on their prototyping plans. Each day, we are more and more impressed by the highly skilled and creative teams in this challenge and are so excited by the ideas that we’ve already seen! 

DAY 2|March 27

Today was the first full day of the design challenge! We have 234 teams committed to working on all kinds of needs from developing quickly manufacturable PPE solutions to spreading accurate information about Covid-19 to targeted populations. Teams kicked off their day with an Innovation Lecture teaching the fundamentals of developing innovation targets and brainstorming taught by Mohit Singhala, a biodesign expert. Once equipped with these tools, teams spent the rest of the day attending live Q&A sessions with amazing experts including seasoned medtech entrepreneurs, public health faculty, healthcare workers, and industry representatives. Teams were connected to some of the most experienced and highly regarded experts in design, disease intervention, and global health innovation. Each team was also assigned to their Innovation Mentor and guided through the preliminary research of their selected needs. After all this hard work, teams are ready to go right into brainstorming solutions tomorrow! 

DAY 1|March 26

And we are live! Teams from over 25 different countries logged on to the live JHU Covid-19 Design Challenge kick-off this evening. This event included introductions from the challenge executive directors and CBID director Dr. Youseph Yazdi as well as keynote speaker Harshad Sanghvi, Jhpiego’s Senior Medical Director, who gave an inspiring speech calling for action at this time of need for innovation and collaboration. Teams were then introduced to all of the different challenges they can pursue during the next four days by CBID student Innovation Mentors. The event closed off with breakout room sessions for teams to learn more about specific challenges so that they are ready bright and early the next day to dive right into their creative work. We are extremely excited to see where all these teams go in the next four days!  

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